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How Design Solutions Can Elevate Your Space

Bridgette Rainey

Written by Bridgette Rainey, District Manager at Mannington Commercial
Nov 30, 2021

If you are an interior designer, you know that the flooring you choose for a space can help set the tone for an environment and often is the jumping off point for other material selections. 


When designing the Augusta University Health IT Department, Ashley Stahl, Sr. Interior Designer at Design Innovations, was looking for a more modern aesthetic flooring option with a color palette to technology vibe.


We had the opportunity to sit down with Ashley to ask why they chose the LVT products and how the Design Solutions team helped create their desired installation method.




Augusta University Health IT Department, Steve Bracci Photography 


What are things you as a designer are looking for when choosing flooring products for this type of space? 


Great looking patterns, durability, quality product, affordable price points.



What were the reasons you selected Mannington for this project? 


For this project, the Timberline and Abstracted Strie patterns were a perfect fit in color and pattern.  I was looking for a modern aesthetic that would be durable in break rooms and main corridors and fit their techy vibe.  



Augusta University Health IT Department, Steve Bracci Photography 


You used a program we call Design Solutions at Mannington. What do you feel was the benefit of using that service and would you recommend designers or facility managers take advantage of it? 


The Design Solutions program was a huge asset for me on this project. I sent over the patterns, colors, and a few inspiration pics and they sent me back ideas. We tweaked the options till we had the one. The Design Solutions team was quick, offered several creative options, and were so easy to work with. This is a great resource for designers and facility managers.


Do you have any advice for young designers who are selecting flooring products for a similar space? 


Use the Design Solutions program and be open to new ideas!



Augusta University Health IT Department, Steve Bracci Photography 





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