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Crafted for Purpose: How Mannington Approaches Sustainable Performance

Mannington’s core values drive every business decision we make and have since the founding of our company in 1915. Today, these core values – Care, Do the Right Thing, Control Our Own Destiny, and Work Hard/Play Hard – also form the foundation of our environmental, social, and governance approach and corporate responsibility strategy. Here’s a closer look at how we’re advancing sustainability at Mannington to help create a better built world.


Our Team
To build on our strong legacy of responsible operations and position our business for the future, we must continue doing the right things at Mannington to care for our associates, our communities and our planet. To more fully understand this journey, we’re completing the United Nations Global Compact Self Assessment, designed to help businesses worldwide adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies. The findings from this self-assessment will give us perspective on the things we’re doing well and help us identify the areas where we need to improve to create an environment where people can thrive personally and professionally.


Calhoun Customer Care

We understand people choose Mannington as an employer just as much as we select them as associates. This is why it is critically important that we create a company culture where each employee feels safe and supported to be their authentic self at work. Doing what’s right has long been part of our core culture and a major differentiator. Our social responsibility and sustainability goals are good for our people, their prosperity, and their communities.


Our Products

Durability is a key attribute of sustainability. By manufacturing carpet and LVT products that last, we help reduce waste and minimize raw material consumption. One of the ways we stay on top of responsible manufacturing is by conducting an annual chemical management inventory. This means we take a close look at our ingredients and work to remove those identified as possible concerns.


Our award-winning Open Range Collection of rubber flooring


Our Amtico Active Lines Collection offers 112 possible combinations of styles, base colors and accent colors.



Here’s an example: Years ago, ortho-phthalates were identified as a concern, so we voluntarily worked with our supply chain, chemists, and designers to remove them from our products. It took about 18 months to remove ortho-phthalates completely from our supply chain and product inventory, but it was worth it. As a privately owned, family company we don’t take a short-term view of anything. When it comes to making products that perform well, last, and are safe for people to live with, work on, and play on, we invest for the future.


Our Customers

There are a lot of labels in the flooring industry that can be confusing – healthcare labels, education labels, green building labels and more. These designations are important for architects, designers, and end-users, but they are often unclear. This is why we are moving to share more transparent and specific health product declarations (HPD) and environmental product declarations (EPD), both in our product brochures and on our website. We are taking steps today to develop product EPDs at the specific SKU level, so that our customers have a clear understanding of the environmental impact of each of our products.


mM logoAdditionally, we’re working with and sponsoring mindful MATERIALS, an organization dedicated to reducing, and ultimately reversing, the environmental impact of the built environment through positive material choices. Leveraging the Common Materials Framework (CMF), the mindful Materials digital portal makes it easier for designers to quickly evaluate the environmental and health implications of a product when making sourcing decisions, giving them full confidence in the products they are selecting for their designs. The CMF is the outcome of the most detailed cross-stakeholder industry effort to date to analyze and organize over 100 of the most common building product and material certifications and disclosures.


Our Planet

We are at a pivotal point as a society. Climate change is something scientists have determined is caused, or at least accelerated, by human behavior. As a leader in the flooring industry, we have a responsibility to care and to do the right thing about it. This is why we participate in carbon emissions offset programs. Doing so reduces the immediate emissions of our activities, while we assess our facilities, travel, and operations, and set goals to reduce our absolute emissions over time. We intend to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, a commitment we solidified when we signed onto the Georgia Drawdown Business Compact in 2022.

Our Promise

In 2023, we’re going to publish our first environmental, social and governance (ESG) report outlining our efforts in 2022. The 2022 report will be all about introductions. It will introduce the public to Mannington’s sustainability journey and include baseline metrics of our activities, work to date and future priorities.


Mannington employees in Madison, Georgia demonstrate safety commitment


We want our associates, customers, and the communities we serve to be aware of the steps we are taking at Mannington to improve our sustainable performance. Transparency regarding our flooring products and our operations is key to building trust, and we’re going to achieve that the Mannington way - authentically, with no catchy campaigns or taglines. This is who we are – a leader in the flooring industry, committed to doing the right thing to build a better future for all.



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